Now you can download the application for your Windows, Mac and Android device to get started. If you are getting any issue while installing or downloading the Alexa App, feel free to get in touch with us on our chat support.

Download Alexa App


Download Alexa App for Windows, Mac, IOS and Android

You can start using Alexa App on your different devices like a Mac Computer, Windows Computer or Android. Simply you can download the application from the website if you want to setup your device. For Android just go to the play store and download Alexa app, install it by following steps given there.

Alexa is a voice assistant with a female voice. Once it's connected to WiFi, it's ready to help with a couple of things. You can hook it with so many third party devices like speaker, smart switches, security camera and many more.

Alexa Support

Amazon Echo is one-of-its-own-kind of a voice assistant, that comes in conjunction with a large indefinite amount of promising options. Since its humble beginning many years ago, Amazon Echo has undergone a series of changes, and with each single transformation or advancement, the device has become higher and higher. This state of affairs depicts that Amazon Echo incorporates a lot of extraordinary options for all those that would like to perform their tasks by sitting in one place. The device has coated each, hardware and package aspects quite expeditiously, that is maybe the explanation that the merchandise that is the epitome of a voice assistant.

A phenomenal music player: With the association of the Spotify, Amazon Echo will grow to be the foremost wonderful music player. Though, it makes use of Prime Music to play individual songs, however, it’s attainable to tune up to varied stations. Simply confirm that the Amazon Echo setup has been drained the correct means.

Crisp, clear sound: The device comes with seven omnidirectional speakers, that turn out nice sound. You do not have to be compelled to setup Amazon Alexa speakers, as they’re already fine-tuned. Browse Amazon Echo reviews to induce higher data concerning its speakers.

Impressive electro-acoustic transducer: Amazon Echo consists of an extremely spectacular microphone that may proficiently obtain your voice from a distance of thirty feet yet. But, it conjointly picks up noises admire door gap and shutting, dogs barking, horns honking and a lot of. To scale back the responsiveness of the microphones, you’ll be able to get in-tuned with the The Device Support
TV integration and app syncing: Integrate your TV with Amazon Echo and acquire obviate that device. Also, get the apps like Dropbox, Calendar, Evernote synced with the Amazon Echo for highest convenience. This could be done by work on to
We at The Device Support Setup area unit the leading technical support as a result of we provide an extremely correct support for a good variety of devices. Amazon Echo is one in all our fortes as a result, we’ve done all the analysis on the merchandise. Irrespective of what the difficulty is, our school support goes to mend it with the utmost preciseness.

Some common Alexa issues we provide support for:

We provide support for almost all kinds of problems which customers face with their Alexa devices, some of them are described below:-

Some of the Common Issues with Alexa Devices
  1. Unable to perform Amazon Echo setup within the right means.
  2. Streaming issues with Amazon Echo.
  3. Wi-Fi connectivity problems with Amazon Echo.
  4. Alexa App isn’t operating.
  5. Unable to attach to the Bluetooth.
  6. Trouble in resetting Amazon Echo.
  7. Unable to seek out a definite good device reception.
  8. Unable to line up Amazon Echo on the house TV.

How to setup and tack Amazon Echo easily?

The first step within the method of putting in Amazon Echo would be, downloading the Alexa app. The app may be downloaded from Google Play Store yet as Apple App Store.

Once the app is downloaded and put in, currently you ought to flip the Amazon Echo on. You may see a blue lightweight, which can flip orange in an exceedingly couple of minutes

Once you will have to be compelled to tack the Wi-Fi settings. If you do not realize your Wi-Fi network, then you’re imagined to take Amazon Echo facilitate

Missing the on top of mentioned half can lead to the glow of a purple lightweight. So, browse the data that’s mentioned on

Echo setup to see the foundation explanation for the difficulty.

If the Amazon Echo is hopped-up up, then it is time to vary the Wi-Fi settings on your smartphone. If you get confused in any step, then simply go online to

When you select the correct settings on your smartphone, you’ll be able to launch the Alexa app. If you’re unable to transfer the app, then simply provides a go into Alexa support and repair range.

If you’ve got bought Amazon Echo Dot and faucet yet, then you’ll be able to connect them now, because it is going to be straightforward to induce all the devices started once it for all.

Why opt for our services?

We at The Alexa support have the industry’s best technicians operating, simply to deliver the most effective Amazon Echo facilitate and support. We’ve been operating during this field for past a few years, so having a mammoth expertise in providing the precise and prompt technical support.

Here are some unique features our services offer to you

Simply provide U.S.A. an appeal our client service range and acquire the most effective resolution to your downside relating to Amazon Echo.

Round the clock support: we’ve a huge team of school support WHO works around the clock to deliver the most effective results to the shoppers. Decision U.S.A. at any time and that we promise to resolve all the problems pertinent to Alexa setup.

Easy-to-understand support: in contrast to alternative school support suppliers, we provide support in a {very} very easy-to-understand language, so folks that weren’t ready to perceive the setup method at will start and tack their Amazon Echo simply.

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