Now you can download the application for your Windows, Mac and Android device to get started. If you are getting any issue while installing or downloading the Alexa App, feel free to get in touch with us on our chat support.

Download Alexa App


Download Alexa App for Windows, Mac, IOS and Android

You can start using Alexa App on your different devices like a Mac Computer, Windows Computer or Android. Simply you can download the application from the website if you want to setup your device. For Android just go to the play store and download Alexa app, install it by following steps given there.

Alexa is a voice assistant with a female voice. Once it's connected to WiFi, it's ready to help with a couple of things. You can hook it with so many third party devices like speaker, smart switches, security camera and many more.

How to set up your Amazon Echo?

So you have bought an Amazon Echo and now you want to use it to play music, listen to the current news, control your smart home appliances and more just using your voice. But before you can enjoy all that, you will have to set up the Amazon Echo. Fortunately, in this article, I am going to show you the step by step guide to set up your Amazon Echo by yourself.

The are mainly four Amazon Echo devices – Amazon Echo, Echo Spot, Echo Dot and Echo Plus. Before we get started to set up our Echo devices, lets take a look at the physical button that are available. There are mainly four buttons on the Echo: the microphone button which can be used to turn the listening feature on and off, the action button which allows you to talk to Alexa without using the wake word and lastly the volume buttons to increase or decrease the sound.

After taking a look to the physical side of the Echo, let us dive on how to set up your Echo device.

  1. But before we begin on that journey, there is just a pre-step, i.e. downloading the Amazon Alexa app on your smartphone device. To download the Alexa app, you can simply go to the app store on your smartphone device and search for “Amazon Alexa” and then install.
  2. Plug in Amazon Echo device into a power outlet using the included power adapter with the device. You will see a blue colored light on your Amazon Echo and then it will turn orange. As the light turns orange, Alexa will greet you.
  3. Once your Echo device is fully powered up with the orange light, follow the required instructions in the Alexa app on your smartphone to connect Amazon Echo to a Wi-Fi network.
  4. You can now start using your Echo device by saying the wake word, which by default is “Alexa” and you can change it any time. To change the wake word, go to Alexa Devices, select your Echo device, and then select Wake word. You can also change it easily by saying, “Change the wake word” to Alexa on your Echo device.

Few things you can try asking to Alexa:

Using Alexa is as easy as asking a question. Here are some of the fun things you can do with Alexa to get in the mood Alexa, play [band or music genre you want to listen to]
• Alexa, what’s the news?
• Alexa, what’s the weather today?
• You can also do simple calculations, like: “Alexa, what is 12 * 30?”
If you need more help or information, you can go to the Amazon website:

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