An introduction to Echo Dot

An introduction to Echo Dot

Echo Dot is an affordable smart speaker designed and developed by Amazon and powered by Amazon’s very own Virtual Assistant, Alexa. Echo dot was launched by Amazon in March 2016. It’s the best affordable smart speaker available in the market with functionalities that other smart speakers cannot provide. Being powered by Amazon Alexa, it can handle your daily day to day activities like a charm. It can play music for you, it can set an alarm, it can tell you a joke or it can even respond to your What’s up which is pretty amazing.

As soon as you connect Echo Dot with the power source, it connects to Amazon Alexa which is a cloud-based voice assistant then it hears the command and executes complex algorithms in cloud to provide desired output using its voice. Echo Dot can be used to play music, answer questions, read the news, setting up alarms, checking the weather

Not only this, it can even make your life easier by doing its functionalities around the house like turning off lights, order food ingredient, set a timer for 10 minutes, adding food items or grocery items to your shopping list, etc.

Echo dot is available in three color variants Black, Grey and White. Echo Dot comes in 99x99x43mm in size and has wifi connectivity with dual band support. It has Bluetooth connectivity as well that supports audio streaming from your mobile.

Amazon Alexa is getting better day by day as it has over thousands of skills available now and it keeps on added regularly. Amazon Alexa works better with Amazon Prime membership as Amazon prime membership gives you an access to ad-free music, fast delivery benefits. You can use Alexa to order items from Amazon and you can even track your order using it.

One of the best thing about Amazon Alexa powered Echo Dot is that it has 7 far-field microphones for hands-free control even in noisy environments or while playing music.

Echo Dot is available in three different variants nowadays named as Echo Dot 1st generation, Echo Dot 2nd generation and Echo Dot 3rd generation. As the name suggests, each variant has some upgrades over the previous release whether you call the difference in terms of speaker and voice output quality, the design or the price. Each variant has its own speciality and is available in different color theme.

How to setup Echo Dot

Like many Amazon Alexa powered devices, you need Alexa app to make it function according to your requirements even when you are not physically present near the Echo Dot device. Setting up Echo Dot device is simple as it requires you to:

  • ● Plug in Echo Dot and connect to power source
  • ● Connect to Wi-Fi and register using the Alexa App
  • ● Say your commands and it will reply in its beautiful and improved sound quality.

Alexa app is available for both Google Play Store and Apple App store. You can download Alexa app from the Google Play Store or the Apple Appstore by searching Alexa App.

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