Now you can download the application for your Windows, Mac and Android device to get started. If you are getting any issue while installing or downloading the Alexa App, feel free to get in touch with us on our chat support.

Download Alexa App


Download Alexa App for Windows, Mac, IOS and Android

You can start using Alexa App on your different devices like a Mac Computer, Windows Computer, IOS or Android. Simply you can download the application from the website if you want to setup your device. For Android just go to the play store and download Alexa app, install it by following steps given there.

Alexa is a voice assistant with a female voice. Once it's connected to WiFi, it's ready to help with a couple of things. You can hook it with so many third party devices like speaker, smart switches, security camera and many more.

About Alexa

Here, one more one of biggest company comes to the market with an ultimate voice command device. A voice assistant, which follows your questions and reply to it. It's a cloud based technology which helps you to entertain by playing music, add to shopping list, alarms and many more. it's compatible with many other devices like Roku, Bluetooth speaker, Sonos devices and all. This makes your other devices smarter and gives you a quality life experience. Lights up your home with smart switches by enabling skills on Alexa.

Features of Alexa Devices

A quality life has been offered to you by Alexa. You can enable skills to moderate your living and making things simple. Tasks given to Alexa will be completed easily by it. Some of these features we will mention here

Some basic commands for Alexa
  1. Ask form Alexa: "Alexa help me.".
  2. Mute and Unmute: "Alexa please mute" and "Alexa please unmute."
  3. Play and Pause: "Alexa stop" and "Alexa bye."
  4. Change volume of Alexa: "Alexa set volume to 10," "Alexa Volume up" and "Alexa volume down."
Some Great Features ofAlexa Devices are here.
  1. Find a restaurant nearby
  2. Get health tips
  3. You can listen music
  4. It can play latest news
  5. Sync your contact list and make calls
  6. Play radio station
  7. Easily tracking of packages
  8. Connect your IP camera
  9. Hook up Bluetooth Speaker
  10. Smart home devices can be controlled
  11. You can order a pizza just with your voice


So far there are a number of devices available in the market. All of these differ in size, speaker, features and price. Some of these are here.

Echo Dot

An amazing device with tremendous features that too in your budget. Its just US$39.99 and its 163 grams only.Simply you can pick it up in your hands.Easy to handle and compatible with different third party devices too.


All Alexa devices are using cloud service technology, echo is one of that. Echo 2nd generation device is the medium in size. Its almost 7' inch tall and comes with a 2.5 woofer. It cost you US$99.99. Helps you to operate smart home devices, speaker and many more things you can operate. You can ask for a joke, cricket score, weather, news and lots of things.

Echo Plus

The tallest device on Alexa segment, which has an inbuilt hub in it. So that you do not need to buy it separately to control your smart home devices like Blub, Smart TV, IP camera and all. It has a 2.5 inch woofer and 954 gram weight. You can make free calls within USA, Canada and Mexico. It's compatible with different third party devices.

Alexa's Compatibility

It has a wide range as you can connect your different devices to it such as Security camera, Bluetooth speaker, smart switches, security locks and many more.

Alexa Skills

Amazon’s virtual assistant, comes loaded with a variety of features. But it’s the “skills” that really allow you to customize your experience to your liking. Skills are the Echo’s (and Dot’s, Show’s and Spot’s) version of apps: Programs that, when enabled, provide some extra functionality. There are currently tens of thousands of skills available on Amazon’s site, and more are added every day.

Frequent Issues Faced by customer:-

There are some of the frequent problem faced by the customers are described below with their resolutions.

  1. Issue while setting up the Alexa devices first time.
  2. Not be able to connect Alexa with other smart home devices
  3. Sync phone contacts to Alexa for calling
  4. There was an error registering your device. Please visit the help section of your App.
  5. There is an error while registering your Alexa device. Error 12:1:107:22:1.
  6. Error 7:3:0:0:1.
  7. Echo Dot Error code 10:2:17:5:1.
  8. Alexa Error while setting up.
  9. Trouble while connecting to the Wi-Fi Network.

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