What do you need to know before buying echo dot 2nd generation?

What do you need to know before buying echo dot 2nd generation?

Echo dot is the most popular smart speaker range from Amazon. Amazon designed and developed Echo dot not only for music but also for making your life a lot easier. Echo dot helps you to interact with your supported home appliances with just a command. Echo dot uses Amazon’s very own super intelligent virtual assistant Alexa. Alexa is the main voice used by Echo devices to interact and reply to the commands of yours in an amazing way.

Alexa as we all know is a cloud-based virtual assistant that uses cloud for handling complex speech recognition and natural language understanding, this assistant will be available on any echo device with 12000+ skills. All the Alexa powered devices can be handled and configured using the Alexa App. Alexa App is available for both android and ios devices. You just need to register the echo device with it and the supported home appliances and you are ready to use Alexa powered Echo dot to control your home appliances.

Echo dot is available in 3 generations in various countries named as echo dot 1st generation, 2nd generation and 3rd generation. The most popular generation of echo dot is 2nd generation because it was the only smart speaker used by many and was recognized as the best smart speaker by millions.

If you are planning to purchase the echo dot 2nd generation device as your first smart speaker then you need to know these things.

• No Bluetooth capability

The Echo dot 2nd generation has no Bluetooth support, which means you cannot use your mobile phone to play music via Bluetooth connection. However, it does support Wi-Fi connection to connect to the cloud as well as to handle and process complex speech recognition and natural language understanding. It can control all your home appliances with the help of the Wi-Fi connection and the Alexa App.

• No big music speakers

The Echo dot 2nd generation does not have gigantic speakers to play voices loudly. However, the speakers that Echo dot 2nd generation will provide a decent voice output for all your talks and music. You can enjoy every voice that it produces from its speakers, very easily.

• Fits in palm

The best part of the Echo dot 2nd generation is the size. It has a size, which is easy to carry, and it even fits in your palm. Therefore, you do not need to worry about the space, which it will be taking in your bag pack to enjoy every skill of it.

• Auxiliary support

Good news about Echo dot 2nd generation is that it supports auxiliary (or aux). You can use auxiliary port to play music from your mobile phone through it. Auxiliary gives you a better way of enjoying your favorite music from your phone.

• Usb charging

Since it is smaller, it does not require huge battery to be operated or function for hours of fun and productivity. It uses usb cable and a usb supported adapter to get charged.

It is a highly recommended smart speaker in today’s world as it can help you increase your productivity time and can decrease your extra time that you utilize in handling all your daily small tasks such as reading news, listening music, ordering groceries and a lot more.

Wondering how to do Echo dot setup

The Echo dot setup is quiet easy. Just download the Amazon Alexa app from the Google PlayStore or Apple Appstore. Sign in with your Amazon ID and add device with it. Once you register the Echo dot device, you can then add your supported home appliances, which can be controlled using the voice commands later.

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